Rome, GA 1/28/11
Rome, GA 1/19/11
Boulevard, Athens, GA 1/7/11
Hiawassee Avenue, Athens, GA 1/6/11
Hiawassee Avenue, Athens, GA 1/5/11
Eastern Bakery, Grant Street, San Francisco 12/31/10
Parking Garage, Clay Street, San Francisco

“But perhaps the riddle is making a comeback. Understanding can be coercive and suffocating. Do I really have to be quite so “understanding”? Isn’t that the same as being masochistically subservient? And isn’t it just another aspect of your hegemony to claim to understand me quite so well?”

“Having regretted the fact that words are not “the truth materially”—that jour, by virtue of its sonority, is sombre and nuit brilliant—Mallarmé finds in this shortcoming of our various tongues the justification of poetry. Verse is their “superior complement.” “Philosophically, it remunerates the lack in languages.” What is this lack? Languages do not have the reality they express, for they are foreign to the reality of things, foreign to obscure natural profundity, and belong to the fictive reality which is the human world, detached from being and a tool for beings.”

—   Maurice Blanchot

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